Basic Behavioural Conditioning / Conditionnement comportemental de base

By Lisa KeeltyLire la traduction française  → Following are some considerations pertaining to behavioural and physical conditioning complementing the topics already discussed in this series. Proper Etiquette All birds need to be taught some basic commands such as “step up” and “step down”. These commands should be understood when the bird Lire la suite

When the Unthinkable Happens… / Quand l’impensable survient…

Mis en avant

By Lisa KeeltyLire la traduction française  → Editor’s note: Lisa Keelty died on March 20, 2017. She was a founding member of CO-ESP. Click here to read her biography. Note de l’éditeur : Lisa Keelty est décédée le 20 mars 2017. Elle était membre fondatrice de la CO-ESP. Cliquez ici pour lire sa biographie. Lire la suite

Birds as Pets / Les oiseaux comme animaux de compagnie

By Lisa KeeltyLire la traduction française  → Birds as human companions is probably one of the most debated topics in the pet industry today. Although there are more and more breeders, stores and organizations that specialize in the care and maintenance of everything from canaries to macaws, many people still walk Lire la suite