A Basic Guide on Choosing a Cage for Your Pet Bird / Guide pratique quant au choix d’une cage pour votre oiseau de compagnie

By Lisa KeeltyLire la traduction française  → Choosing the right cage for your avian companion can have a huge impact on their health and behaviour. The general rule is that bigger is always better; the larger the cage you acquire the more you and your bird will get out of your Lire la suite

Cage Accessories and Cleaning / Les accessoires de cage et le nettoyage

By Lisa KeeltyLire la traduction française  → Accessories The second most important thing to consider after you choose your cage is what to put in it. Bowls should be stainless steel, a high quality plastic or porcelain/glass for easy maintenance. Perches should always be made of natural materials such as cotton Lire la suite

Basic Nutrition / Principes nutritionnels de base

By Lisa KeeltyLire la traduction française  → Nutrition plays a key role in the long-term health of your avian companion therefore it is vital that you take the time to understand and learn about what is nutritionally required for your bird. Thirty years ago it was the norm to buy one Lire la suite

Pellets vs Seeds: A Quick Look at the Pros and Cons / Moulée vs graines : Un aperçu des pour et des contre

By Lisa KeeltyLire la traduction française  → Using pellets or seeds as a base diet is one of the hotly debated topics in aviculture. Pellets are formulated diets that are considered to be “complete” for our avian companions. Seeds are just that, packed mixed seeds and nuts of various types catered Lire la suite

Basic Care: Grooming, Desensitizing Your Bird to Toweling, Nail and Wing Trims / Soins de base : Le toilettage et la désensibilisation à la contention, à la taille des griffes et des ailes

By Lisa KeeltyLire la traduction française  → Toweling Teaching your pet bird to allow itself to be “toweled” is important to help reduce the stress of restraint which occurs during vet visits and grooming. Follow the steps below to teach your bird to allow and even enjoy being held in a Lire la suite

Biting and Screaming / Les morsures et les cris

By Lisa KeeltyLire la traduction française  → Biting Biting is a misunderstood behaviour in pet birds and most of the time what people associate with biting is not in fact aggression of any kind. All parrots use their beaks as a third hand and their tongue as a thumb, therefore it Lire la suite

Feather Destructive Behaviour and Self-Mutilation / Picage et automutilation

By Lisa KeeltyLire la traduction française  → Feather plucking is a common dilemma mostly associated with cockatoos and African greys (although it can affect all psittaciformes). It is a complicated behavioural problem and there are many possible causes of this condition: Hormonal: Occasionally sexually mature individuals may pluck seasonally in conjunction Lire la suite